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Sweet Potato Pumpkin Broth

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Sweet Potato Pumpkin Broth
2011-03-22 Desserts
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This sweet Southeast Asian dish is to be served as a light dessert or with tea. The sweet potato and pumpkin are prepared perfectly with the coconut milk.

  • Servings: 5 peoples


2 Sweet Potatoes
½ Yellow Pumpkin
2 Pandan Leaves, found in asian food store
3 cups Coconut Milk
½ cup Sugar
½ cup Red Sugar, palm sugar
a Pinch Salt
½ tsp Sago Seeds


Clean both sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Cut into 1 inch dice and then slice and soak the pandan leaves. Add coconut milk to a sauce pan and mix with sugar, palm sugar, pandan leaves, a pinch of salt, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. As the sauce is boiling, add sago seeds and stir the sauce occasionally so that the sago seeds will not stick to the hot surface. Taste the sauce, if less sweet, a little bit of sugar may be added. Stir the broth and when the sweet potato and pumpkin are soft and cooked, you may turn off the stove and serve.