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Cheerios Treats

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Cheerios Treats
2008-07-25 Desserts
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This simple candy treat is made by heating marshmallows, peanut butter and butter, then stirring in round oat cereal. After cooling, it's cut into squares.

  • Servings: 16-24


3 Tbsp Butter or Margarine
1 pkg Miniature Marshmallows
½ cup Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter
5 cups Cheerios, round oat cereal


Butter a 13x9" rectangular pan. Melt margarine in 3 qt. saucepan on low heat. Add marshmallows and peanut butter; heat and stir until marshmallows are melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat. Stir in Cheerios. Spread and press gently into pan; let cool and cut into squares.